Can Nanaimo be a Successful City?

Successful Cities

Although it was seven years ago, I believe the goals laid out by the Chamber of Commerce Committee on Successful Cities still have merit today. Our next Council will have the vision, strength, and competencies to make these goals reality.


vibrant, convivial, livable urban settings that continue to adapt to changing circumstances by incorporating and promoting balanced natural, cultural, economic, social and built environments and implement related actions that value community well-being as a whole, to provide a higher quality of life for their citizens

The 12 Key Elements that Define Successful Cities
It is out of those new perspectives and experiences in other cities around the world that a number of key elements have been identified as central to the success of a city. The following identifies a number of such factors that affect the degree to which a city will be successful:

  1. Connectivity: facilitating efficient internal and external movement of people and goods while minimizing detrimental environmental and social effects;
  2. Culture of Collaboration: support for respectful and cooperative interdisciplinary processes and varied views to achieve common purpose;
  3. Culture of Innovation: promotion of innovative ways of addressing emerging local and global economic, environmental and social challenges;
  4. Distinctiveness: capturing the sense of place by celebrating geographic location in the planning and design of the city;
  5. Entrepreneurial Governance: fostering creative and visionary leadership within administrative, elected and volunteer areas;
  6. Master Planning and Community Design: advocacy for a clear vision and implementation of a high quality built environment;
  7. Quality Education: creating synergies across educational delivery models and with local and regional governments;
  8. Quality of Life: recognition that a high quality of life attracts investment, people and innovation;
  9. Livability: promotion of high quality urbanism, urban spaces and places that create attractive urban living;
  10. Social Conscience: recognition that healthy cities are socially and culturally diverse and require a supportive social network;
  11. Sustainability: commitment to meaningful economic, environmental, and social sustainability in policy and action; and
  12. Vibrant Economy: an economy that has resiliency, builds on local strengths and promotes community well‐being.

These 12 Key Elements form the basis for considerations of Successful Cities.

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