My speech at my campaign announcement meeting 2018

A number of people were not able to make my announcement so I thought I would publish my speech here for all to read.

Thank you Amber for that great introduction.  Amber is one of my 5 children and 3 grand children and we are very proud of all of them.

And thank you Chris for your introduction and thank you for supporting me today.  I am honoured to call you my friend.

I would like to thank my family and supporters for helping me along the way.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

Thank you, everyone, for coming. I am honoured to be here, with you, my fellow citizens. I am pleased that you care enough about Nanaimo that you came out today to support me. I wish to express my profound respect for every one of you, who are so engaged in making this a better Nanaimo.

We all want a better Nanaimo.

We all love this city we call our home.

But what is important for the citizens of Nanaimo in this election?

I think it’s values and vision.

We know what we need to do to fix this beautiful city after the last four years. And we know what our values are.

But what about the future?

What is our vision for our future?

How do we create a better Nanaimo, that will be a city our children – and our grandchildren – will be proud to call their home?

There are several things we need to do, here are just three.


More high paying, high-tech jobs so our children can stay here and don’t have to move to Victoria, Vancouver, or Toronto.

And that means high-tech solutions like a shared digital infrastructure – from street lighting to IoT based technologies yet to come. Walkable neighbourhoods for families to grow up in and a high-tech connected city will draw high-tech jobs.


A partnership for future prosperity with the Snuneymuxw First Nation.

Our prosperity as a community is linked to the prosperity of our neighbour nation Snuneymuxw and our Urban Aboriginal population.

Reconciliation should be first and foremost a part of this new partnership as equals.

We are all one family in the same big house. Together we need to start working for our common good.


Renewed partnerships with the Island Corridor Foundation, the Nanaimo Port Authority, Chamber of Commerce, the Social Service Agencies of our community and most important, our environment. Our success as a city, as a community depends on these relationships.

We are a very lucky people to live here in Nanaimo.

Turn around and look out behind you, towards the Salish Sea.

Daily, cruise ships – with passengers from across the globe – sail past our city, up our beautiful coastline.

They – like millions of others every year – come here to see this magnificent place we call home.

And all of us get to enjoy this amazing place – each and every day.

I ask you – I IMPLORE you – join with me to create a better Nanaimo for our families.

We may have problems.

We may have hills to climb.

But we have each other.

We are all a family.

Every one of us is part of this family we call Nanaimo.

We live together.

We work together.

And we are certainly growing old together.

We need to – we MUST – support each other, through good times and bad for a better future.

With your support and your help, we will Work together for a Better Nanaimo.


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