Nanaimo Council attends a successful AVICC meeting

Recently many on council attended the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities annual meeting  The Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities is a body formed for the purpose of representing in one organization the various municipalities, regional districts and other local governments of Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, Powell River, the North Coast and the Central Coast.  This year the event was at Powell River and what a lovely place that town is.  I have never been there before but was amazed at the history of the town and the people in it.

The councillors who attended were Tyler Brown, Don Bonner Mayor Krog, Erin Hemmens, Ben Geselbracht and Ian Thorpe.

Last year Nanaimo brought forward 4 resolutions but non were endorsed.  The RDN put in 2 resolutions and one was endorsed.

This year the City of Nanaimo put in 7 and the RDN put in 5 and all but one was endorsed and one withdrawn.  I would like to congratulate the board of the RDN and our council for a very successful showing at the AVICC.  We are putting Nanaimo back on the Map for all the right reasons.

There is more to the AVICC than just voting on resolutions to be considered at the UBCM meeting in September.  There were numerous workshops Active Transportation, Revitalization of the ALR, Fair Taxation, Island Corridor Foundation, CCSPI (Nanaimo voted to join ccspi recently), plus many talks and presentations.  There was also a trade show of exhibitors from many of the suppliers who work with Municipalities and Districts.

The event was also a great time to network with other councillors, mayors and directors from all over the island to share experiences and plans for the future.

One of the most interesting things that I noticed at the AVICC was the large number of younger councillors, and councillors and mayors who were female.  I find this very inspiring to know that our present and future leaders are and will be more diverse than they have been in the past and that there is room for all ages and gender in the leadership of our cities and districts.

Next year AVICC will be held in Nanaimo.  I look forward to helping our town host the event and look forward to our council bringing forth more resolutions for consideration.  I already have two in mind.


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