Got in a bit of a traffic jam today. Heading to the Northend for a meeting and got to 19A and Bowen. On my side of the crosswalk there were 3 bikes and two bikes on the other side, two walkers, one runner and a short way away a person on a scooter. There were more people waiting to cross the sidewalk using various means of active transportation then there were cars waiting to get through the light.

This shows that the work that City Staff and Council are doing over the last 4 years through the good policies in the Master Transportation Plan is getting results. A lot of people try and make this whole conversation about us and them. Cars and bikes. It’s not.

It’s about good city policies that allow people the freedom to choose the type transportation they wish to use and it’s the city’s responsibility to provide the infrastructure to make sure our citizens can travel safely regardless what method they choose to travel by be it Car, bike, scooter, transit or walking.

Part of our job of running a city is to provide infrastructure that meets the needs of everyone in the city not just the majority.

Are we hitting that mark? I would say no, we can do better. There is still a lot of work to do throughout the city. However I think that we are definitely heading in the right direction.

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