Union of British Columbia Municipalities Convention 2019

This Monday starts a 5-day convention for the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM).  It’s an annual convention that all the municipalities participate in.

The theme is Resiliency and Change.

“The magnitude of the changes that our province and communities are facing extend beyond the capacity of any one group to address. In an uncertain future, local leaders have a duty to learn from each other and from the past and to find new approaches to plan and thrive.”

For Nanaimo all 9 members of council are going as well as our CAO Jake Rudolph and Director Sheila Gurrie.

There will be study tours on Monday and clinics the rest of the week.  I’ll be attending a Modular Housing Tour and Tools, Funding & Resources for local Governments, Zeni will be attending Prioritizing Emergency Management Sheryl Disrupting Money Laundering and Tyler and Zeni Towards Parity:  Breaking Down Barriers, Building Momentum.   In addition, many on council and staff will be Meeting with Island Health President and CEO Kathy MacNeil and Board Chair Leah Hollins.  There are also the BC Mayors Caucus, and a whole host of events that will allow us to share with other councillors, mayors and government MLA’s about issues we have in common and ideas for change.  We will also be meeting the Official Opposition Critics.  This is just a sample of the first day.

Our Strategic plan has 4 themes.  Economic Health, Environmental Responsibility, Governance Excellence and Livability.

We will be learning what others are doing around the province, and best practices in all the themes.  Because the event is so broad and encompassing, we will be strategically taking part in different Tours, Clinics, Forums, Policy Sessions, Cabinet Town Halls and Workshops to maximize the opportunity to learn what we can bring back to Nanaimo.

There will also be a trade show which I especially like as it gives me an opportunity to bring back ideas on what services and products are available for our city.

There will also be the policy resolutions sessions where resolutions are brought forward to be voted on.  This year Nanaimo has 5 resolutions being presented that were voted on at the AVICC and brought forward to the UBCM.  We have resolutions on Property Taxation, Indoor Agricultural Fertilizer Practices, Cannabis Plants on the ALR, Low Impact Foundation Systems for Farm Use Structures and Development Cost Charges.  All resolutions impact the themes of our Strategic plan.  Including Economic health through Agriculture Sustainability, The environment, City governance and livability.

I and others on council will be spending the next 5 days learning to be better councillors, learning to better serve our community and learning best practices for the problems that effect our citizens.  Our issues are not unique to other cities in BC and this convention will go a long way to helping us deal with those issues.

The taxpayers of Nanaimo will be paying to have the 9 of us here. I and others on council will be spending the next 5 days making sure that the citizens get their money’s worth.

For more information on the convention you can visit their website https://www.ubcm.ca/EN/main/convention/2019-convention.html I would invited you to take a look at the events and sessions.  If you have something you would like one of us to attend let me know.  I’ll also be presenting a report (similar to the one I did when I returned from FCM) when I return about what I learned and how we can use it in the future.

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